Project Leads

guatemala Project co-Lead | julia cima |

Hi! I’m Julia, a senior in Civil & Environmental Engineering. In my free time, I do dance and graphic design.

guatemala Project co-Lead | Emily Lin |

I’m a senior in Environmental Engineering and pursuing a minor in Sustainability. In my free time I like to longboard and collect houseplants.

Guatemala project co-lead | Ariel Byun |

Hello my name is Ariel Byun and I am a sophomore in bioengineering and a project lead for the Guatemala Water project! Some things I like to do in my free time is draw and watch YouTube videos! I hope you come check out the project!

Malawi Project Lead | RIley Kelch |

I’m Riley, a sophomore studying Civil Engineering, I’m the social chair and project lead for the Malawi project! In my free time, I like to go on runs, draw, listen to music, and binge-watch reality competition shows.

Hopkins park co-lead | Advay Sudarshan |

Hi, my name is Advay and I am a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. I love quizzing to a point I have prepared hundreds of my own questions!

Hopkins Park Project co-Lead | Joseph Abi-Karam |

I’m Joseph, I’m an Engineering Physics freshman. I was born and raised in Lebanon. My main interests are Piano, Meteorology, Skiing and Track. I decided to join EWB to use innovation in volunteering and joined Hopkins Park specifically because of the increased accessibility to the community.

ecuador Project co-Lead | Taylor Shimkus |

Hello! I’m Taylor and I’m a sophomore studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. When I’m not studying, I enjoy cooking, listening to music, skateboarding, playing board games, and hanging out with friends. I’m also on the synchronized ice skating team!

ecuador Project co-Lead | Edgar Rosales |

I’m Edgar Rosales from Moline, Illinois. I am a senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering and I am a co-lead of the Ecuador project based in El Guarango. In my free time I compete in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting, I like to read books, go camping, and play chess.