Meet the Board (2023)

President | Tabish Shaik

Email:, | Pronouns: He / Him

Hi, there! I’m Tabish, and I’m a junior majoring in Computer Engineering. I love to watch birds in my garden, do anything engineering-related, and think about the universe. I also enjoy learning about language and playing musical instruments.

Internal Vice President | Keshav Sivaram

Email: | Pronouns: He / Him

Hi, I’m Keshav Sivaram. I am a junior in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy soccer (both playing and watching) and I also like to play guitar for fun.

External Vice President | Aidan O’Grady

Email: | Pronouns: He / Him

Hi, I’m Aidan! I’m a junior in Mechanical Engineering, and I’m the EVP for Engineers Without Borders! I’m from Naperville, in the suburbs of Chicago. I’m a big fan of watching sports, especially football and baseball. I also enjoy playing strategy games. It’ll be a lot of fun working with the rest of the Exec Board and the projects for this upcoming year!

Treasurer | Ninawa Odicho

Email: | Pronouns: She / Her

Hi! I’m Ninawa and I’m a sophomore in Bioengineering and pursuing a minor in electrical engineering. I enjoy running, lifting, and cooking.

Information Chair | Ethan Ran

Email:, | Pronouns: He / Him

Hello! I’m Ethan, and I’m a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy playing guitar, creating video game music, and occasionally bouldering.

Fundraising Chair | Calvin Guo

Email: | Pronouns: He / Him

Hello, my name is Calvin and I am a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. In my free time I enjoy boxing, cooking, and watching too many food videos on YouTube.

Outreach Chair | Ria Bawiskar

Email: | Pronouns: She / Her

Hi, I’m Ria, a freshman in Computer Science + Economics! In my spare time, I love reading anything from a well-known classic to poorly written fan-fiction. I also love trying new food from every cuisine. I look forward to a productive and fun year with EWB UIUC!

Marketing Chair | Mireille Tan

Email:, | Pronouns: She / Her

Hello, I am Mireille, a freshman in Computer Science! When I have the time, I love 3D modelling in Blender, jigsaw puzzles and following video game lore!

Social Chair | Saathveek Gowrishankar

Email: | Pronouns: He / Him

Hey! I’m Saathveek, a freshman in Computer Engineering. In my free time, I love baking desserts for my friends and family. I also enjoy biking through forests and walking through parks. I love to travel and try unique cuisines and experience different cultures. I look forward to working with the Exec Board and planning some exciting events this year!

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