Hopkins Park Sanitation Project

Weekly Meeting Location and Time:
Everitt Lab 2101/1306/1302 | Wednesday 7PM-9PM

Community Engineering Corps

The CE Corps is a domestic segment of EWB with the mission to bring “underserved communities and volunteer engineers together to advance local infrastructure solutions in the United States”. It is an alliance with Engineers Without Borders-USA, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Water Works Association. Currently, the CE Corps of the UIUC chapter is working on the Hopkins Park Sanitation Project – our very first local project!

About the Community

Hopkins Park is a community of roughly 600 people within the Pembroke Township and Kankakee County on the Illinois-Indiana border. The community is over 90% African American. Half of the community lives below the poverty line, with a median household income of $18,823, less than a third of the state median of $60,960.

Project Overview

The student chapter of EWB @ UIUC adopted the project in Winter 2019 and have since made the first trip down to Hopkins Park, Illinois to meet with the community and all parties involved with the project. This includes the township’s mayor, American Water-Works Association (AWWA), operators of the local water plant as well as the water department clerk.

EWB UIUC aims to assist the community in repairing the water and wastewater treatment system.

Over the summer, our CE Corps team has worked on understanding the system of the water and wastewater treatment plants and will be making more trips to Hopkins Park to assess and implement solutions on the plants over the next few semesters.

Semester Goals

For Spring 2023, we are aiming to:

  • Prepare specification documents and the budget proposal by engaging manufacturers and using RSMeans
  • Complete all engineering drawings using AutoCAD
  • Finalize bidding documents by end April 2023

Contact Us

Current Project Lead(s): Advay Sudarshan, Joseph Abi-Karam
Project Email: ewb.cecorps.uiuc@gmail.com
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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