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Current Projects

Our fundraising team also has weekly meetings to support all these projects financially!

Completed Projects

A full list of our past projects may be found at our Past Projects page.

To ensure quality control and quality assurance of all our projects, each EWB-USA project is supported by professional engineers and a logistics team that assist the chapter in ensuring that a safe, well-designed and sustainable project will be implemented with the partnering community.

This engagement teaches soft skills overlooked in traditional engineering curricula, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Systems Thinking

Community Development Approach

Instead of trying to find a community where a certain technology can be implemented, EWB-USA programs start with a community that has identified their needs and has requested support from EWB-USA. EWB-USA chapters develop a partnership with a community that lasts at least five years. Both the chapter and community provide equal input in the development effort and each partner contributes to the success of the program. The chapter must work with the community to implement projects within a program that can be sustained by the community in the long term. The community must have the financial, administrative, technical, labor and material resources available to operate and maintain the installed facilities on a long-term basis without outside assistance.

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