Malawi Structures Project

Weekly Meeting Location and Time:
Everitt Lab 3117 | Monday 7PM-8PM

About the Community

Chilaweni, Malawi is a rural community in the Blantyre District of Malawi. The community faces a monsoon season occurring through roughly half of the calendar year. During this period, access to educational, healthcare, and marketplace resources is restricted.

Project Overview

The Malawi structures project began their relationship with the Chilaweni community in Spring 2015, and aims to design two vehicular bridges at critical access points within the area. The project is currently in its assessment phase, and is seeking to verify the feasibility of constructing vehicular bridges at previously identified high priority sites. We are in the stages of planning a remote assessment trip to take place over the summer of 2022.

Semester Goals

This Fall 2022 semester, we are aiming to:

  • Prepare for a remote assessment trip in the community to gather necessary technical data, including a topographical profile and understanding of the geotechnical character of each site
  • Develop contracts between EWB-UIUC and MUBAS for the remote assessment during summer of 2022
  • Create a cost estimate based on available materials and equipment in proximity to the community
  • Explore existing bridge structures within the community to inform our design and alternatives analysis

Contact Us

Current Project Lead(s): Riley Kelch, Dominick Tadewald
Project Email:
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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