Malawi Structures Project

Weekly Meeting Location and Time: Thursday 7pm-8pm MSEB 4101

About the Community

The community we are partnering with is located in Chilaweni, in Southern Malawi. During the monsoon season which causes the water levels to rise, members of the community have difficulty accessing maize mills where they work, markets, health centers, and schools.

Project overview

Our chapter is looking to design, research the materials, and source the labour required to build the bridge. The bridge will be built in 3 different phases and we are currently working on the first phase. The first bridge will be built over the Lunzu river to provide access for pedestrians.

Semester Goals

  • Finalise bridge design
  • Community outreach and interaction to help with further testing
  • research materials required for bridge and identify local suppliers and contractors
  • continue building mentor relationship

Contact us

Current Project Leads: Kariem Hashem

Project Email:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!