Guatemala Sanitation Project

Weekly Meeting Location and Time:
Everitt Lab 3217 | Tuesday 6PM-7PM

About the Community

The Paraje los Méndez community is in the Huitancito Village of the Huitán Municipality. Comprising 125 families, the community’s primary economic output consists of cultivating corn, beans, potatoes, and other vegetables. As the village’s population grew over the past few decades, its schools expanded in size. Consequently, the bathrooms from when the school was built lack the capacity to support the growing student body.

Project Overview

The project objective is to replace the current bathroom system. The project will involve building 8 flushable modules: 7 toilets (3 for girls, 1 for female teachers, 1 for male teachers, and 2 for boys) and 1 urinal. A 10-faucet handwashing station will also be built outside the bathroom housing and 1 private handwashing station for the female teacher restroom. As the current bathroom facility does not have running water, a solution to run water to the bathroom will also be implemented, with 3 water storage tanks on the roof of the building. The project will implement a biodigester septic tank and infiltration well to route the black and grey water coming from the toilets, urinal, private handwashing station, and the external 10-faucet handwashing station.

The goal of this new bathroom system is to assist the students’ physiological development and well-being and overall improve hygiene in the school.

Semester Goals

For the Fall 2022 semester, we are aiming to:

  • Finish our Post-trip Implementation report to detail construction and activities that occurred during the remote implementation over the summer.
  • Evaluate the community partnership and determine if the next step is to conduct an assessment for a new project in the same community, conduct an assessment for a new community partnership in the same region, conduct a Continued Implementation, or monitor the existing implementation one year later and close the project.
  • Begin preparing for an in-person Monitoring and Evaluation trip in Summer 2023.
  • Continue fundraising for any remaining implementation expenses and coming Monitoring and Evaluation expenses.

Photo Gallery

  • A group of people constructing the structure of the cubicles of a toilet system
  • A group of people wearing masks sitting in a room in a discussion
  • An old toilet

Contact Us

Current Project Lead(s): Ariel Byun
Project Email:
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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