Ecuador Water Distribution System Project

Weekly Meeting Location and Time:
Engineering Hall 106B6 | Tuesday 8PM-9PM

About the Community

El Guarango Indigenous community in the Manabi Region of Ecuador. In the 2016 Ecuador earthquake, the community’s water distribution system was damaged. They currently rely on water trucks and don’t have a running water source.

Project Overview

The El Guarango Water Distribution project started in February 2019. The project aims to design and install a new water distribution system to deliver clean water to approximately 70 families in the community. Our assessment trip in 2020 included collection of topographic data, site visit, water testing, and interacting with the community. We are currently working to finalize our design plan and begin implementation of the project.

Semester Goals

This Spring 2023 semester, we are aiming to:

  • Model system hydraulics on kyPipe using topographic data
  • Plan detailed budget for materials and construction of main pipeline and tanks
  • Raise funds through events and grants

Contact Us

Current Project Lead(s): Taylor Shimkus, Nina Trousdale
Project Email:
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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